Humans are the dominant race in Khaltesh, Trevakia, the Plains, and the Isles.

Khaltish Humans tend to fair skin and light brown or blonde hair.

Trevakian Humans tend to pale skin and dark hair.

Plainsmen are swarthy, and tend to be shorter than the other races of man, living in a nomadic tribal society.

Islanders are large and tend to have more body fat. They have olive skin and dark hair, and ornament themselves with brightly colored tattoos and clashing hues of clothing and jewelry.


Grey Elves are the nobility of Shel Elan Teth, they are taller than most humans, and very slender. Their skin has a bluish-grey cast to it and their hair is glossy and black with bluish highlights. Eyes range from white, to blue, to violet. Grey Elves seldom leave their capital city, unless they are travelling on diplomatic excursions.

High Elves stand only slightly shorter than humans, and have white to blond hair, pale skin, and blue or green eyes. They are the artisans and commoners of Shel Elan Teth.

Wood Elves are short, usually no more than five feet tall. They live in tribal clans and do not recognize the authority of the Grey-Elven aristocrats. Their brown hair is usually long and unkempt, braided or dreadlocked with fetishes and trophies of their kills. They have elongated canines due to their diet of mostly raw meat. Rumors that Wood-Elves will eat non-elven intruders in their forests are usually true, though some border tribes will warily trade with Humans or Dwarves. The only higher authority that Wood-Elves will respect is the Grand Druid in the great Tree City of Kymare.

Drow are mostly a myth to surface dwellers. Aside from their inky black skin and silver hair, they resemble Grey Elves.


Mountain Dwarves are a clannish lot, skilled with metal and stone, and seldom venturing from their underground homes. Subterranean Dwarven citadels used to be found beneath every reach of the Continent, but a slowly shrinking population and the constant agression of orcs, goblins and troglodytes has pushed their civilization back to a smaller range, mostly beneath the eastern mountains.

Hill Dwarves are seen as a sorry joke by their mountain brethren. Beardless surface dwellers, they have traded their birthright of stone and steel for a life in the sun, herding goats and mountain sheep, and farming what subsistence they can from the rocky hills.


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